About Us

Who we are and what we do?

Ascend Tools, Inc. (ATi) is a wholesale supplier of specialty and unique hand tools.  Each of the tools in ATi portfolio solves a specific problem thus helping our customers (and their end customers) execute their projects with ease and efficiency.  A selection of ATi tools is ideal for new production and manufacturing while others are for MRO (maintenance, repair and operations).  ATi target markets are marine, electrical, plumbing, fire/safety, security and packaging industries.

We primarily supply through our international, national, regional and local distributors.  Our customers can place their orders on our eCommerce web site securely.  The same eCommerce platform is also leveraged to serve our B2C and B2Prosumer customers which happens to be the ever growing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) segment of consumers.

ATi also works with tool inventors to bring their innovative products to the market through its distributor network.

ATi is continuously striving to be a reliable partner to its customers through product supply of specialty tools and customer service.

ATi is a small and minority owned business.


The principals have been involved in this business since 2011.  Other team members and consultants have collective tool industry experience of 42+ years.  One highly valued team member has been with Makita and Stanley for over 32 years.  Another valued team member hails from the marine, composites and manufacturer’s representative industries.  We have consultants associated with ATi on ad-hoc basis who are veterans of the tool industry including SnapOn Tools and Matco Tools.


Vision 1: To help our customers and their end customers do their job productively and efficiently.

Vision 2: As a tool company our vision is to understand the pain points from our customers and provide specialty tools to help them do their job productively and efficiently.


Bring specialty and high quality tools suitable to our customer’s needs, empower our employees to establish relationships in serving our customers and grow our business by earning trust, reliance and service.

Core Values

Ascend Tools is focused on working with organizations where there is synergy with our core company values:


Operating in an honest, ethical and transparent way is foundational to our company.  It just makes good business and builds healthy and long term relationship.  This way we can establish trust, lead the industry and possibly make contribution to strengthen it.


We bring innovation through new technology driven tools.  We learn from our customers and try to help their business by bringing tools to solve problems – whether to make things easier, better or faster OR to introduce a new tool that they have been wanting.  We would like to build our business by challenging standard practices and disrupting status-quo.  Our customers become our partners.  At that point, we believe, they would like to see leading and not following.


Our customers should be able to rely on us to serve them.  We have done it before and we will continue to do it.


When we hire a new person, we explain how we do business.  We tell them that we believe in being the best we can be and in continually improving.  We ask them to be their best, and lead improvement where and when needed, because that is the only way we can be excellent.