Accessories for Organizer Genie™ Pegboards | Securely Holds Sockets in Place | Keep Your Tool Box Organized | Unique Gift Item
1/4" drive socket holder for ORGANIZER GENIE® Peg Boards

Accessories for Organizer Genie™ Pegboards | Securely Holds Sockets in Place | Keep Your Tool Box Organized | Unique Gift Item

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Clips, Holders & Hooks (MUST select one option below, add to cart and return to this page to select another option, change quantity in cart)
Universal Clips and Holders Mix Pack - 50 Pieces
Universal Clips - 50 pieces
1/4'' drive socket holder - 50 pieces
3/8'' drive socket holder - 50 pieces
1/2'' drive socket holder - 50 pieces
2" (50 mm) Plastic Hanging Hook - 10 pieces [+$-11.50]
2.76" (70 mm) Metal Hanging Hook - 10 pieces [+$-7.60]
Hanging Rod (hang frequently used tools) [+$-9.00]
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Now you own ORGANIZER GENIEâ 76-piece starter kit, OR just own four pegboard set (TCB-PB082A) OR one pegboard (TCB-PB017) OR slim pegboard (TCB-PB040).   You have organized your tools in your garage, your tool cart or toolbox and it looks neat and clean.  You are able to find the tool you need when you need it.  There is a PROBLEM: you still have some tools left over to clip on and the GENIE ran out of clips or holders or hooks.  You need another ORGANIZER GENIEâ (TCB-PB076) or just pegboards or more accessories.  You have come to the right place.  You can purchase additional clips, socket holders (aka socket knots) and/or hooks as follows:

  • mix of 14 clips and 12 each of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" socket holders (50 piece - TCB-MX011)
  • 1/4" socket holders (blue, 50 piece pouch - TCB-KN011)
  • 3/8" socket holders (orange, 50 piece pouch - TCB-KN013)
  • 1/2" socket holders (red, 50 piece pouch - TCB-KN014)
  • universal clips (yellow, 50 piece pouch - TCB-CL011)
  • plastic hanging hooks 1.97" / 50mm (black, 10 piece pouch - TCB-PHK075), hanging capacity 7-12 lbs
  • metal hanging hooks 2.76" / 70mm (chrome plated iron, 10 piece pouch - TCB-MHK026), hanging capacity 9-15 lbs
  • metal hanging hooks 1.97"/50mm and 4.33"/110mm will be available in April'19
  • all products described above are sold separately (they are NOT all together); make your selection in the Product Options section above
Everyone with a passion for their prized tools should be able to spend time using them and no time finding them.  ORGANIZER GENIEâ will keep your garage, workshop, or shed neat and clean.  And additional accessories will help organize your entire tool collection.  It is a must have and a great GIFT ITEM.

Special Features:
  • Socket holders, clips and hooks firmly affix on the pegboard
  • All accessories can be moved around for optimal configuration.  Clips can be affixed around contour of the tool for best tightness
  • Pegboards (full or slim size) can be arranged in any configuration to expand your tool organization area
  • Pegboards can be placed in a drawer, on the workbench, or fixed vertically (screws included)
  • Do-It-Yourself_ers (DIY)
  • Automotive (repair shops, body shops and paint shops)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical (electricians, data technicians, installers - commercial, residential and Industrial)
  • Machine shops
  • Manufacturing shops - large and small
  • Aviation assembly and manufacturing facilities
  • General industrial manufacturing and assembly
  • MROP

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