5-1/2" Multipurpose Professional Electrician°s Shears - Cut / Strip Electrical Wire with Wire Cutting Notch
5.5" Multipurpose Electricians' Scissors

5-1/2" Multipurpose Professional Electrician°s Shears - Cut / Strip Electrical Wire with Wire Cutting Notch

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These shears cut soft stranded cable (e.g., SOOW 14/3 or SJOOW 14/3 cord) with minimal force due to high leverage and very sharp blades.  The blade edges are hardened for durability allowing hundreds of cuts.  The wire lodges into the notch and facilitates single-step cutting.  The long tang into the grips provide cutting efficiency.  Its blades are made of high carbon alloy steel from Japan and are infused with molybdenum and Vanadium through a proprietary manufacturing process to harden (Rockwell Standard HRC 58-60) the cutting blades needed for cutting electrical cord / wire.  One blade sports micro-serrations to prevent slippage.  These Electrical Shears are an electrician's choice scissors for performance and durability.

The sharp and hardened blades on these shears are meant for hundreds of clean cuts on soft stranded cables thus reducing hand fatigue.  They can also strip wire, cut insulation, cable ties, and a variety of soft materials to facilitate electrical installation.  A crimping function is provided in-between the handles. The outer edges of the blades incorporate a file with a series of sharp, parallel teeth to file off burrs from electrical boxes or for smoothing rough surfaces.  These excellent shears are currently being used in electricaldata communicationscabling, cable and harness assembly, fiber optic, and custom cabling industries.

For longer shears with slightly higher cutting leverage please see ATi-817 (6-1/8 inch / 156 mm, smaller notch with more leverage, serrated edge).

Special Features:
  • Very sharp cutting edges to easily cut soft cable up to 50mm2 / 8mm dia. 

  • Strip insulation, cut insulation, cut cable ties, soldering wire & wich

  • File and clean burrs in punch outs holes on electrical boxes

  • Cut copper sheet up to 0.5mm thick

  • Non-serrated blade can be sharpened to extend life

  • Extended tang for durability and efficient force transfer

  • Ambidextrous

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